The company
CIZETA MEDICALI has a long tradition in the production of compression articles for preventive and protective health applications. As long ago as 1947, the first patent for an elastic knee-high sock was filed by CENTENARI & ZINELLI, an extremely well-known Italian manufacturer of elastic fabrics which, in 1982, became CIZETA MEDICALI, specialized in compression fabrics for health applications.
In 2009, CIZETA MEDICALI decided to enter the world of sport on the basis of its international experience recognized by the leading world certifying authorities and with the aid of specific consultants. This is what led to the setting up of the CIZETA SPORT division.
The division's continuous technological research has created a new line of specialized products, a range of socks that represents an authentic innovation in technical sportwear.

In fact, the Compression Zone® range of socks, with its exclusive three-component yarn made of silk, carbon and cotton, ensures differentiated compression on specific areas of the foot and calf, thus improving circulation and increasing muscle oxygenation. The result is an improvement in athletic performance and a rapid recovery after exercise.

This extension of the company's field of activity is, as always, backed up by (published) experimental scientific papers on sportsmen and the products are covered by a patent.
This is how CIZETA SPORT pursues its goal of improving your performance.